Do Not Fear Failure

A little about me real quick.

Ever since I first played an Atari my parents acquired through a yard sale I have been enamored with video games.  When I was in Elementary school I would draw maps and design levels for all my favorite Nintendo games.  In school I would doodle “mental screenshots” taken from playing them.  Around 7th grade I started writing characters and stories I wanted to see made real.  Once I was in high school I decided that what I wanted to do was make video games.

After getting my degree a few years later and learning everything I needed to make a video game (not to mention after making a handful of them already), I didn’t feel like I was good enough to pursue it as a legitimate career.  Throw in the looming specter of paying back my college loans and I took a different path.

I had always kept up with new technology and reading about the industry from a dev standpoint and still yearned to create something good.  I would learn a new language or a new technique and update everything on my computer to write something new.  Eventually I would feel so overwhelmed at the scope of what I was trying to take on I would just feel helpless to complete it.  And it would sit.  Dozens of never finished projects sat.  Not because I lacked the ability and definitely not because I lacked the time.  No, these projects would sit because they ultimately had no end goal.  The goal was “to be good”.   All this led to was nothing ever being “good enough”.

So now the goal has changed.  The goal is not to be “good” but to be “finished”.  Taking inspiration from various gamedev forums and these two people specifically:

Rami Ismali –

Adriel Wallick –

I’m going to go from being a person who “wants to make games” to someone who makes them.

Here’s the basic rules for this One Game A Week challenge (Check out Rami Ismali’s article I linked for more specifics):

* Every Monday at 12:00AM is the start of a week.

* I have until Sunday at 11:59PM to publish a game.

* No sequels

* Avoid patterns

* Document the experience

This blog is going to track my progress of FINISHING a new game every week.  I’ll be blogging about the things I learn about from actually completing a project as well as documenting the difficulties I encounter.  Additionally, this blog will function as a means of access to the games I finish.

All feedback and criticism is welcome.