Week 2 – Planning

Taking the lesson learned from last week, I’m going to have a little more forethought about this week’s project.  That being the case, I figure I’ll write about it here and then after the deadline on Sunday night I’ll see just how much I was able to accomplish.

A major problem I had with Week 1 was that the instructions on how to play just weren’t present.  Maybe after a couple tries you could figure it out, but it should be intuitive, and if not, just explained simply.   This week’s project will have a simple splash screen explaining the controls.

The plan for Week 2 is to be a space shooter.  Upping the ante quite a bit from last week.  In the vein of the arcade classic Galaga.  You will control a ship with left and right movement and have the ability to fire bullets at enemy ships.  Enemy ships will come in two types: One that fires back and one that doesn’t.  One hit against the player from an enemy ship will destroy it and cost the player 1 life (of which they will start with 3).  Enemy ships will require multiple hits to destroy and then turn to particles.  Destroying ships rewards the player with points and potential powerups (extra points, extra lives, and momentarily shooting faster).  Score will be displayed at the top of the screen along with a player’s High Score.  To simulate the feeling of flying through space, a scrolling starfield effect will be present in the background.  Ambient music will be played during the game with SFXs for when the player fires, the enemy fires, a ship being destroyed, or collecting powerups. The full game will take place over 2 screens: a title screen with the name of the game and simple instructions as well as a button that must be clicked/tapped for the player to proceed to the next screen. That screen will be the main Game screen where the player will proceed to control his ship with the left and right button and fire with the fire button in order to destroy ships to collect points while avoiding return fire. Once all player lives are lost the game will popup a game over and score and allow the player to press a button to restart the game.

That is a lot.

And no more will get added from this point forward. It is now locked in, and I expect features to get cut. I kinda went overboard with it on purpose, knowing full well I’d be making cuts.

Let’s see how this vision turns out in the next 5 days.


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